Dual Language Program

Welcome to South Ranchito Dual Language Academy! ¡ Bienvenidos a la escuela South Ranchito Dual Language Academy!
          On June 16, 2015, we were officially board approved with our new name to advertise to the community that South Ranchito Elementary School will officially be implementing a Spanish Dual Immersion Program beginning in Kindergarten this Fall. Dual Immersion Programs, also known as Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs, blends two language educational models: An immersion program for English only speakers and a bilingual maintenance model for English Learners. Students from two language groups are strategically placed in a class together (50/50), learning from each other and supporting one another’s second language acquisition. Both groups of students develop linguistic and academic competence in two languages; their native language (English/Spanish) and one more (Spanish/English). Students in Kindergarten and first grade will receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% in English with each year increasing by 10% until they reach the 4th grade, where 50% of their day will be in English and the other 50% of their day will be in Spanish. With more than 40 years of research supporting dual immersion programs and their powerful and positive effects on students, we at South Ranchito Dual Language Academy want to provide a quality education where our students develop high levels of proficiency in two languages with academic performance at or above grade level, positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors, and are prepared for a global economy where mastering more than one language will be essential. If you would like to receive more information about the program, visit our school and our dual immersion classroom, contact us at (562) 801-5177. Give your child the gift of language, enroll at South Ranchito Dual Language Academy, become part of our family and let us help you give your child the valuable tools they need to have a bright and successful future that can impact and change the world!