Free Flu Vaccinations for Elementary School Children

This year we are offering a voluntary flu vaccination clinic at all El Rancho Unified elementary schools.  Parent consent forms will be sent home with children during the week of October 26, 2015. In order for your child to participate, please sign and return the consent form to your child’s school no later than November 2, 2015.
The flu vaccine will be given at school during school hours.  There is no charge – you will not have to pay for this flu vaccine.  Participation is voluntary and getting a flu vaccine is not a requirement to attend school.  It’s safe, easy and convenient.  Most students will get the nasal spray unless the nurse recommends a flu shot based on your answers to the medical question, so be sure to answer all of the questions.

Getting the flu vaccine helps everyone stay healthy during flu season.  Flu can be a serious illness and doctors recommend flu vaccines for all kids every year.  Research shows that when kids get vaccinated, they miss fewer days of school.  When more kids are vaccinated, it helps everyone stay healthier by cutting down the spread of flu in our community.

Here’s how to get your child vaccinated against the flu:

- Read all the information sent home

- Answer all of the questions on the front and back of the blue consent/screening form

- Sign your name at the bottom of the blue consent form

- Return the completed blue form to your child's school right away

Thank you for helping make our school a healthier place for our children.

For more information, please contact your elementary school or the District Nurse at (562) 801-4810

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