College Week - March 17 to March 21, 2014

Ø  MONDAY: College Week Kick Off! Students will go to a quick assembly in cafeteria.  Teachers are encouraged to share with their students about their college experiences and encourage students to prepare early for college.  Each class is to learn the fight song they were given to be recited on Friday at the flag salute.  Good Luck!

Ø  TUESDAY: College makes your future bright and students wear shades.  Students can wear sunglasses/shades at school but NOT during class.

Ø  WEDNESDAY: Hats off to learning, students can wear college hats to school.

Ø  THURSDAY: Raise your banner to your college! Students make pennants/T-shirts of the college they would like to attend. The papers for the pennants will be provided for each student. Students are encourage to wear College Colors from their grade level College. Spelling bee to follow at 2:45 pm – Cafeteria

Ø  FRIDAY: College T-shirt Day! We encourage all students to wear t-shirts representing their favorite college.  Patriotic Assembly at 8:45 am and the Winners of the Mrs. Delia Alvidrez “Why College is Important.” Essay Contest and Spelling Bee will be presented. Movie Presentation after School – 2:45 to 4:45 pm, “Monsters University”.

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