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Volunteering in the classroom

Volunteering in the classroom
South Ranchito Dual Language Academy
For any and all parents that would like to volunteer in your child's classroom you must follow the following steps:
1. You must get permission from the teacher.
2. Once permission is obtained from the teacher you then come into the office and speak with Roy, so he can obtain all necessary information from you and forward it via email to Human Resources.
3. Once the email has been sent you will then go to Human Resources to sign paperwork and obtain the necessary forms for mandatory fingerprinting and TB test. The cost of fingerprinting and TB test is the responsibility of the parent. FINGERPRINTING IS MANDATORY FOR THIS DISTRICT EVEN IF YOU ARE FINGERPRINTED THROUGH ANOTHER COMPANY, SCHOOL DISTRICT OR ANY OTHER ENTITY.
4. Once all the necessary information has been received in Human Resources, they will then contact South Ranchito DLA and notify us of the clearance. We at the school site will then notify you that you are clear to volunteer in the classroom. On your first day of volunteering you will check in with the office and sign in. The office will provide you a badge that must be worn everyday while on campus.
Contact Roy Ramirez
Phone: (562) 801-7660
Fax: (562) 801-7665
5241 South Passons Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660